Monday, 11 March 2013

Moving on

No matter what people say, anyone who blogs is a closet narcissist. Anyone who has consistently blogged for over 5 years - like yours truly -  is a certified narcissist. If is it not for the inflated sense of self importance and the belief that what I have to say make sense to others, I would not be at it for this long a time. It is my longest commitment to anything I have done in my entire life and that includes me learning to play tabla to yoga to cycling and what not.

Blogging and narcissism are interconnected. Why else would a seemingly normal person with a day job and bills to pay would continue to share his or her opinion to the world without any monetary compensation. Whether they admit to it or not, but most bloggers genuinely believe that the world is a better place with their take on things out in the open. I certainly believe that the world is a better place with my take on Ek Tha Tiger, but I digress.

Here I want to thank all my valued and loyal readers and want them to know that I have finally succumbed to the ultimate narcissism and have now moved on to a new brand custom URL with my name. From now on, my rantings will be on 

and all my previous blog posts are also archived there. So please keep visiting the new space and make me a happy person.

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